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B2B white label subcontracting

We manufacture professional furniture for brands and designers. No need to have your own furniture production shop to implement your projects. We will do it for you at the highest quality of workmanship, with guaranteed success.

Our clients are well-known designers, large shipyards and companies without their own furniture production shops. These include furniture manufacturers requiring temporary increases in their production volume.

Some brands make mass-produced furniture but are unable to produce custom-made furniture. We help these brands by manufacturing custom-made products thanks to our expertise in this field. We offer cooperation to interior design salons selling various pieces of furniture on mutually advantageous terms.

If production of a new furniture collection has started, and a prototype is needed to be developed, we will create it! If you are launching a collection but you need to produce a limited edition or a one-off piece made to order, we will help bring this to life, too.


We produce furniture for other companies under their brand name. This also applies to individual details of spatial design, accessories, and finishes. We regularly produce turnkey products using not only wood but also various other materials, such as metal, glass, and stone. We can complete individual parts of the production process, and produce blanks for other manufacturers. We undertake complex production jobs other companies are unable to.

Thanks to the successful collaboration with trusted partners, we can use luxury materials in our production processes. These include veneers of valuable, exotic and rare types of wood, metal, stone, leather, textiles, and glass. We provide high-quality craftsmanship services of wood carving, create inlays made of mother-of-pearl and semi-precious stones, intarsia, and offer gold and silver leaf-plating.


Thanks to our 30 years of experience, and our own cutting-edge technology production line, we are able to produce unique custom-made pieces of furniture of unparalleled complexity.

We have extensive experience in furniture design and possess critical know-how in furniture production for various purposes while ensuring practicality, beauty and longevity.

Moreover, our production shop is equipped with the latest technology, which includes the necessary tools and machinery to process panel materials, solid wood, and veneering jobs. Our equipment includes the latest 5-axis machine tools, metal processing equipment, and a painting/ varnishing shop able to provide high gloss and other decorative finishes.

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