A turnkey project can be the optimal solution for customers prioritising time and quality of results. The project includes all stages of work, from developing the architectural and interior design project to its complete implementation.

We take pride in having developed a systematic approach to interior design implementation, which allows us to bring individual designs to life in a short period of time, taking into account the customer's preferences and budget.

We guarantee that our well-thought-out interior solutions will delight you with their comfort and practicality, attention to detail and important nuances, and guarantee that execution of all work will be of the highest quality.


We begin our work by carefully preparing a detailed technical specification for the overall layout and individual rooms. We always provide an estimation of cost of the project with the client to prevent any potential misunderstandings between customer and contractor.

We pay detailed attention to the layout and functional analysis of the spaces, which allows us to create not only beautiful but also well-designed interiors that perfectly suit their intended purpose, whether it's a residential, office, or public space.


In our case, our team of skilled interior designers focuses solely on their area of expertise, which comprises approximately a quarter of our comprehensive "Turnkey Interior" service. Through our collaborative approach, each aspect of the project is handled by a dedicated specialist, allowing for a seamless and high-quality progression through all stages of the process.

We pride ourselves on working with outsourced interior designers, as this approach enables us to match our clients with professionals who perfectly align with their vision and style.


We believe that the true essence of an exceptional interior lies not only in skillful blending of off-the-shelf items but also in the integration of bespoke design elements that are created exclusively for each project.

While selecting furniture from a catalog may seem convenient, it lacks the excitement of creating something truly unique. That is why we incorporate a plethora of meticulously crafted items that are tailor-made to bring a specific design vision to life.

Our team of master craftsmen creates custom carpentry pieces, exquisite chandeliers, stunning stained glass windows, intricate plaster moldings, captivating decorative stone panels, and rugs meticulously woven according to the designer's precise specifications. These high-quality, handcrafted elements enhance the individuality and character of your space.


Through our long-standing partnerships with creative artisans and renowned manufacturers, "Morozov & Son" offers an extensive range of materials and custom-made interior objects crafted from wood, glass, stone, metal, leather, and other premium materials.

Our collaborations extend to esteemed furniture manufacturers, top-notch household appliance suppliers, reputable sanitary ware companies, innovative lighting fixture providers, and other leading interior item suppliers worldwide. With a curated list of over fifty international suppliers, we ensure access to the finest interior components from around the globe.


We understand the importance of meticulous project management in delivering exceptional results. Our well-structured approach streamlines the entire process, ensuring a smooth experience for our clients and all involved stakeholders. By effectively managing project timelines, we guarantee timely completion and provide our clients with the utmost convenience and peace of mind.

Throughout each stage of the project, our team conducts rigorous design control, ensuring that only the finest materials are used and that the execution aligns precisely with the project documentation and the original design concept. This meticulous attention to detail guarantees a flawless outcome that exceeds expectations.

We invite you to embark on a remarkable journey with us, where your dream interior becomes a stunning reality.

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